planning your engagement session

January 25, 2019

Planning all the details for your engagement session is so much fun! Here are a few guidelines I recommend for choosing your outfits!



  1. Comfort. First and foremost, I recommend wearing clothes that are true to you and make you feel comfortable and confident! This way we can truly capture YOU!



2. Dressy or Casual? How about both? Often my couples will choose one casual outfit and one dressy/formal outfit which is a great way to get more variety. You’re also welcome to go all dressy or all casual, this is a personal preference!

Dresses are incredibly flattering, and they add a little something special to your photos! I personally love long, flowy dresses, because they add such a romantic touch! Have your guy dress up in a suit and tie for a more formal look, or dress down with nice jeans and a button up.



3. Colors: The colors you choose are probably the most important thing to consider when choosing your outfit. Bright, vibrant colors often reflect on skin. I highly recommend choosing colors that are soft, pastel, or neutral/earthy tones. Not only will this help give your images a soft, light and airy look, but also ensures that we don’t run into issues with skin tone! Colors to avoid are bright reds, purples, and vibrant blues.

4. Textures and Patterns: I highly recommend adding texture to your outfits! You can do this by choosing things that have a subtle pattern, or accessorizing / layering.

Lastly, focus more on choosing colors and patterns that compliment each other nicely, instead of perfectly matching. If you stick within a pastel or neutral color scheme, there isn’t much that doesn’t look awesome together!




So how can you be best prepared for your session? Relax, and know that you’ve got this! My job is to pose and direct you the entire time so that you are looking and feeling your absolute best! Your job is to come prepared to love up on each other and have a blast! In fact, I recommend making it a date night! Because I promise that it’s not a chore, or a lame formality that you have to do for your wedding. It’s going to be AWESOME. We’re going to have so much fun together, and then you’re hopefully going to leave feeling giddy and in love so you’ll top it off with some ice cream 🙂


I cannot wait to work with you!




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