ten things about me

February 11, 2019

If you’ve looked through my website, you recognize my face. You know that I’m a wedding photographer and I like all the pretty things. You know I like Dr. Pepper and Costa Vida… and you might think, okay this person is pretty normal. Which I feel pretty normal most of the time! I’m not super adventurous or extroverted, and I don’t have a very loud personality. But I definitely have some random interesting things about me that you maybe didn’t already know! So here it goes… ten things about me that you don’t know!

  1. I play five instruments (piano, organ, guitar, flute, and saxophone) – and was definitely a band nerd in high school. I played the saxophone for pep/marching events, and the flute for concerts. I took piano lessons for ten years, and I’m self taught on the guitar. As far as the organ goes, I play every week for church! And I have since age thirteen. I’ve volunteered my time as the organist in every single church congregation I’ve attended.


2. I love math. Wow I’m really letting out my nerdy side, aren’t I? I was finished with all my math credits by my Sophomore year of high school, but still continued to take more math classes for fun for the rest of the time, finishing in AP Calculus. I still have the t-shirt to show for it! When I came to BYU-Idaho for school, Math Education was my first declared major and I loved my classes! I changed my major because I ultimately decided that being a teacher wasn’t what I wanted to do, it had nothing to do with the math.

3. I swam competitively from age 8-18, and even met my husband because of swimming in college! I often had my picture in the local news paper growing up, which was like the coolest thing ever!

4. I ALWAYS celebrate my half-birthday. It all started because my actual birthday is in August, so I never got to be one of the kids in school that brought cupcakes or cookies for the class on my birthday! So I would bring them on my half-birthday. After elementary school, the tradition stuck. Now every year I go out for ice cream on February 10 to celebrate!

5. I’ve been to Italy, France, Austria, and Germany, but I’ve never been to the East Coast. I can count on one hand the number of states I’ve been to, and traveling wasn’t really a large part of my childhood. But in 2017 I went on a European tour, which counted as my internship as an Art major! It was awesome! But it really opened my eyes to how much I haven’t seen yet, right here. So it’s definitely a goal of mine to try to get some traveling in!

6. My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. It didn’t use to be! But after moving to Idaho, and participating in my husband’s family’s traditions – it quickly became my favorite. The celebration here is amazing! And I love a good BBQ and water balloon fight while decked out in red, white, and blue.

7. I love taking notes and writing lists! And I have a very specific pen that is my favorite. No one is allowed to touch that pen but me.

8. I am the oldest of three kids! I have two younger brothers. One is in the Marines, and the other is finishing up high school. This is my family here – they’re pretty dang awesome. We travel back to Oregon about twice a year to visit. (So hey, if you’re getting married there, hit me up!)

9. I like to think that I’m not a picky eater…. but I don’t like tomatoes, seafood, mayonnaise, mustard, squash, avocados, pickles, peppers, sweet potatoes… (that’s just off the top of my head). So, you tell me.

10. Joe and I have been married for three years! We were married in Portland temple in November 2015.

If you made it through all 10, we may as well be friends! Come hang out with me on Instagram 🙂



Love you all! XOXO


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