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Editing. Such an important part of the process, but not often talked about! I strongly believe in the importance of getting great images in-camera, and the subject/posing is most important. However, I also believe that all photos can benefit from enhancement in post before the final delivery. Every photographer has a little different process, but here’s a look behind the scenes into the editing process for a regular session:


Engagement session Rexburg Idaho



Culling is the process of sorting through and selecting which images to edit! Believe it or not, culling can be the most daunting task! Because of this, I like to do the culling myself instead of sending photos to clients to choose their own photos. It makes the process much easier for clients because choosing from hundreds of images can seriously be so overwhelming, especially when you’re looking through photos of yourself. I use a program called Photo Mechanic, which has quite literally changed my life, so I will add a link here for my fellow photographers –

This program allows me to scan through all of the images that I took quickly! I like to go through two rounds of culling. In round one, I select all of the good images. If it’s sharp, the pose looks good, there’s not blinking, etc. then I select it! This usually narrows down 500-600 images to about 200-300. Then I import those photos into Lightroom, and cull through them one more time.

In my second cull, I’m much more particular about paying close attention to details. I tend to overshoot, so I will end up with multiple photos of the same pose. But I like to make sure that I’m not delivering those multiples, because again that can be overwhelming to clients. So for each pose that I did, I try to deliver a wide portrait, close up portrait, wide landscape, and close up landscape, and then the same for each variation of the pose. That way you end up with a lot of variety, and you’re not looking at a gallery full of duplicate images! After the second cull, I’m usually down to about 85-120 images. Which is then what I deliver to the client!



Sneak Peeks

After I choose the images that I’m going to deliver, I go through and select 3-5 images to use as sneak peeks on social media, and 15-20 images to showcase on the blog! I edit those first, so that I can get those sneak peeks out as fast as possible. Because I know my clients are so excited to see their photos! Side note for photographers – I like to use blog stomp to easily pair images that look great together for the blog!




Now, for the editing process! This part takes several hours and takes a lot of focus. I start with a preset, and then carefully adjust each photo individually until it looks great! My goal with editing is to create a soft, filmy, look that also is full of light and color. I like my images to look and feel joyful, and I express that in the colors! The way I edit is classic and timeless, because I want to give my clients images that they will love forever. I also will do a small amount of skin touch-ups if needed. I typically edit all of the photos in 1-2 sittings. However, I like to look at them on 2 or 3 different days because I find there are always little tweaks here and there that can make them look even better!

After I’m satisfied with how everything looks, I like to do a few black and white duplicates of my favorite images! That way you have even more variety in the gallery. Then I go ahead and export the photos! Here are a few before and afters, because it’s just always so satisfying:




And then last but not least – it’s time for gallery delivery!  I upload all of your photos to an online gallery and send you an email with the link! From there, you’re able to favorite, share, and download images and have a beautiful gallery to look back on anytime, anywhere.







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