Five Reasons to do a Bridal Session Before Your Wedding Day

August 23, 2019

F I V E    R E A S O N S   T O   D O   A   B R I D A L   S E S S I O N

B E F O R E   Y O U R   W E D D I N G   D A Y


Over the last few years photographing weddings, I’ve found that it’s becoming more and more popular for my couples to choose to do a bridal session before their wedding day. And I think it’s AWESOME. Especially for those who get married in the temple. Bridal Sessions are an opportunity to have formal portraits of the bride and groom together. Most couples choose to do a first look moment as well before we start shooting! If you aren’t sure if you want to make the extra effort to get done up for bridals beforehand, here’s 5 things to consider before making your decision:


O N E  –  L O C A T I O N   F R E E D O M


While Temples are absolutely stunning locations to do your bridal portraits, it can be fun to have photos in multiple locations! There is something so breathtaking about a bride and groom in the mountains, surrounded by greenery, or any natural landscape! Usually there’s not time on the wedding day to drive to a second location for portraits so doing it beforehand gives you that perfect opportunity! My bridal sessions include two locations, and most of my couples choose to have the temple as one of them, even though we’ll get portraits there on the wedding day. Which leads us into our next reason…



T W O  –  L I G H T I N G


Most sealing ceremonies occur in the morning or early afternoon. Because of this, you’ll be exiting the temple at a time of day where lighting just isn’t great. I’m not saying this to worry you or make you feel discouraged – as an experienced photographer I know how to work with all sorts of tricky lighting situations and know how to make even that crazy mid-day lighting look good! But… it’s just not the same as the glowy, magical lighting of “golden hour.” This is the time of day right before sunset, and it just adds such a soft and romantic touch to your images. Because of this, it’s awesome to shoot at the temple in the evening too so you have that awesome light for both locations! If you’re having an outdoor reception in the evening, I also recommend considering taking even just 15 minutes as the sun sets to get a few more bride and groom portraits on the wedding day (especially if a bridal session beforehand doesn’t work for you).



T H R E E  –  T I M E


It’s fairly standard for couples to hold a luncheon for their guests that attended their sealing ceremony, which usually takes place right after! You exit, we take family portraits, and then your family heads off to eat…. without you. If this is the only time we have to do your bridal portraits, you’re going to miss out on a lot of time with your guests! Also, for summer brides, you should consider not only mid-day lighting, but mid-day heat. Standing in that summer heat in your wedding dress and suit will wear you out so fast. If your bridal portraits are done beforehand (especially if we do some at the temple), then we don’t need to spend nearly as much time! I do believe that it’s important to get bridal portraits on your actual wedding day, because the emotions are just different! But we can do it in 15-30 minutes instead of an hour. So there, one less thing to worry about, and you’re off to EAT. GOOD. FOOD. (Something I strongly encourage you to not to forget to do).



F O U R  –  W O R K I N G   T O G E T H E R   B E F O R E


I think it’s so amazing to have an opportunity to work together before your wedding day! We get to know each other, you get comfortable in front of the camera, and I train you in posing. Then you exit the temple to a friend/familiar face instead of just someone you hired. You’ll feel that much more comfortable, and it makes your portraits nice and easy because you’ve done it before! More on that in “Three Reasons You Should do an Engagement Session with your Wedding Photographer” – Doing both an engagement session and a bridal session before is awesome! But definitely try to do at least one.



F I V E  –  T H E   F I R S T   L O O K


First look moments are so sweet, and it’s awesome to capture those memories. Which is my final reason for why you should do bridals before! When we get together we can capture those moments, when you realize that this is actually happening. Here is when you’re seeing your bride, or your groom for the first time. It will make the awesome reality set in that you’re about to GET. MARRIED.








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