The Best Photoshoot Locations in Grand Teton National Park

February 6, 2020

Grand Teton National Park is my favorite place in the world! Here’s a list of my favorite locations to do photoshoots in the area!

These first three are outside the Fee area of the park:


Schwabacher Landing

Schwabacher landing is front and center to one of the most iconic views of the Tetons! This is also a great location to get tons of variety. There’s an upper and lower landing with different scenery, including sage brush, foresty areas, and the river! If you would like to do just one location, this is a great option.



Moulton Barn / Mormon Row

If you’d like a little bit more of a rustic look, let’s head to the historic Moulton barn! Behind this barn is a grassy field with a gorgeous view of the Tetons as well!


Wedding Tree

This location is in Kelly, WY.  It does need to be reserved beforehand for ceremonies, more information can be found here:

Wedding Tree


The rest of these locations are inside the fee area of the park and are all very close together! I’ve listed them in order as you drive through the park from the South entrance. 


Taggart Lake Trailhead

If you want to get up close and personal with the mountains while still having a classic view of the South, Middle, and Grand Teton, this is a great option!


These next three are some of my favorite turn outs that feature different views and angles of the mountains! It’s amazing how much they change just a little bit down the road.

Cathedral Group Turnout


String Lake


Cascade Canyon Turn Out


Mountain View Turn Out


Signal Mountain Lodge at Jackson Lake



Have I convinced you that you need a photoshoot here yet? 🙂



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