The Best Winter Photoshoot Locations in Rexburg

March 10, 2020

Ahh, good old Rexburg winters. They’re freezing, but honestly so gorgeous! However, not all locations are awesome in the snow. After lots of trial and error, here are my top four locations that I recommend for photoshoots during the winter months!


Beaver Dick Park

Beaver Dick Park is located just 10 minutes out of Rexburg, and has some of the most beautiful and easily accessible winter landscapes! It has an awesome variety, with pine trees, fields of sage brush, and an icy river. But bring your boots, because the snow gets deep out here!



Warm Slough

Warm Slough is located 15 minutes out of Rexburg, and is out the same direction as Beaver Dick park. Warm slough also features a gorgeous river and sage brush, but it also has patches of aspen trees and a road lined with trees that after a fresh snowful, look like a stunning winter wonderland! Also bring your boots here, it may have the deepest snow out of all of the locations.


Cress Creek

Cress Creek is located 30 minutes out of Rexburg, near the Kelly Canyon area. I love this location for the stunning overlook of the river! This spot does require a 10-15 minute uphill hike, but this view is so worth it. And on the plus side, the hiking trail is fairly heavily trafficked, even in the winter, which means the snow is nice and packed down on the trail. So it may even be an easier feat than trecking through the knee-deep situation at other locations.




BYU-Idaho’s gardens have a variety of landscapes that look stunning in the winter time! But there’s also a greenhouse, which is an awesome option because A. it’s warm and B. it’s green! Maybe you’ll forget that it’s a frozen tundra outside for a few minutes.



Which location is your favorite?? Do you love winter photoshoots, or do you prefer the summer?




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