The Best Spring Photoshoot Locations in Rexburg

May 1, 2020

April 1, 2020


I love spring! It’s so exciting to watch everything start to come back to life after winter. And the fact that it’s warming up makes photoshoots so much fun! There is a lot of change that happens in April – June as we transition from snow-melt season to spring blossoms, so not all of the locations start looking good right away. So I’m going to list what I recommend for each section of spring!


  • April 1 – 30 :  Cress Creek, Beaver Dick Park, BYU-Idaho Gardens
  • April 30 – May 15 :  All of the above + St. Anthony Sand Dunes, and Egin Lake
  • May 15 – June 1 :  All of the above + BYU-Idaho Apple Orchard, Eagle Park, and Mesa Falls
  • June 1 – 20:  All of the above + Kelly Canyon



Cress Creek

30 minutes out of Rexburg, 10-15 minute hike. Features lots of sage brush, a gorgeous overlook, and the river. Looks awesome year round!

(First Photos are June, Second is May, third is April)

Beaver Dick Park

10 minutes out of Rexburg. Features sage brush with the Menan buttes in the distance, pine trees, and tall grass/greenery later in the season. Works for any time of the year!

(First photos are beginning of April, second photos are beginning of June)


St. Anthony Sand Dunes

20 minutes out of Rexburg. Features the Sand Dunes, Sage brush, and a red dirt road. Recommended after May 1.

Eagle Park

Right in Rexburg. Features lots of lush greenery! Recommended after May 15.

BYU-Idaho Apple Orchard

Right in Rexburg. Features gorgeous rows of apple trees with blossoms in late May! Blooms typically appear May 15-3o.

BYU-Idaho Gardens

Right in Rexburg. Features manmade landscaping, and lots of colorful flowers!

Egin Lake

20 minutes out of Rexburg. Features a small lake with the sand dunes in the distance (beachy feel), lush greenery, and sage brush. Recommended after May 15.

Mesa Falls

50 minutes out of Rexburg. Features mountain views and aspen trees. Recommended after May 15.

Kelly Canyon

40 minutes out of Rexburg, 10 minute walk. Features an overlook / mountain views, greenery, and sage brush. Recommended after June 1.






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