The Best Summer Photoshoot Locations in Rexburg

June 27, 2020

June 22, 2020

Idaho is the BEST in the summer time! Here are some of my favorite locations that showcase this stunning time of year!


Eagle Park

Eagle park is right in Rexburg! It features lots of lush greenery, and pairs well with a lot of other locations since it’s very central.

Egin Lake

20 minutes out of Rexburg. Features the lake with dunes in the distance, lush greenery, and sage brush!


St. Anthony Sand Dunes

20 Minutes out of Rexburg. Stunning and dramatic, and a lot of fun to shoot at!


Cress Creek

30 minutes out of Rexburg, 10-15 minute hike. This location features sage brush and this stunning overlook!

Kelly Canyon

40 minutes out of Rexburg, 10-15 minute walk. This location features both lush greenery and a mountain overlook!


Twin Bridges Campground

20 minutes out of Rexburg. Features lush greenery!


Mesa Falls

50 minutes out of Rexburg. A great way to get a mountain feel without the work of hiking! There’s also a great variety of different scenery in the area. The only downside is mosquitos can be a challenge. But the views are always worth it!


Hidden Forest

30 minutes out of Rexburg. This location is along the back roads West of the Rexburg temple. One side of the road looks like you’re in a forest, and the other side has an open field with a view of the town!


Grand Teton National Park

I will never not recommend the gloriousness of these mountains! I love going here and the locations are super accessible and easy for a photoshoot! (I have a separate location guide for the Tetons if we choose to go here).

*There is a small travel fee to cover the extra time for the trip


When choosing two locations, we need to make sure they are within 30 minutes of each other – that way we don’t lose amazing light to the drive! Here’s a list of combinations we can do:

  • Sand Dunes and Egin Lake
  • Sand Dunes and Eagle Park
  • Egin Lake and Eagle Park
  • Eagle Park and Hidden Forest
  • Hidden Forest and Cress Creek
  • Hidden Forest and Twin Bridges
  • Twin Bridges and Cress Creek
  • Twin Brides and Kelly Canyon
  • Cress Creek and Kelly Canyon

Mesa Falls and Grand Teton National Park are too far to combine with others, but they have several awesome locations within their own area!

I can’t wait for your shoot!






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