Community over competition. 
I am so passionate about those three words. I believe that success comes when we help and lift each other up. 
So let's get together! Let's chat and create images together. Come with all your questions and I will hold nothing back! 

Let's go get a treat! Anything that you'd like. Bring a pen and paper and all the questions you can think of.  They can be about anything! Business, shooting and editing techniques, wedding days, you name it. I will be an open book and teach you everything that I know and have learned from my experience. (one hour)

2.shoot - $225

Come shoot with me! I will find models and you'll bring your camera. We'll talk about posing, lighting, camera settings and gear, locations, client experience, etc. I'll answer your questions along the way and you'll leave with new images for your portfolio! (two hours)

3.both - $300

1. Q&A - $100

Let's do both! Get the best of both worlds and a package deal. We'll meet to discuss your questions, and then head out to shoot to put your new knowledge to use right then and there! (three hours)

all images copyright mckenzie ryan
rexburg, idaho